Manual Albumleaves, Op. 124, No. 06: Wiegenliedchen (Little Cradle Song)

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There are also helpful group practice ideas such as rhythmic tapping, singing, fingerings and musical games. Explore the rich variety of the Celtic tradition, from the whirling energy of dances to the haunting melancholy of slow airs. The edition is part of the Trinity syllabus grades 2,3,4. Clarinet and String OrchestraVersion: The edition is part of the Trinity syllabus 27 grades 4 and 6 Contenu: Prelude - Scherzo - Pastoral - BurlesqueNombre de pages: Easy pieces in popular styles such as jazz, blues, rock 'n' roll and reggae. This collection contains all the pieces formerly contained in Microjazz 2 and More Microjazz 1 with some brand new pieces too!

Microjazz is the world famous series of pieces based on classical technique yet using popular contemporary styles such as jazz, blues, rock 'n' roll and funk. Based on classical technique, Microjazz is great way to introduce rhythm and develop co-ordination skills whilst being fun for all ages and standards. A great motivator for the reluctant student, the pieces are equally effective on acoustic or electronic instruments. Nine of Rachmaninoff's greatest themes beautifully arranged for intermediate-standard pianists.

A superb collection from the maestro of melody - edited by Christopher Norton and Nicholas Hare! This book is intended to give recorder players a repertoire of solo pieces from the Renaissance. Solo literature for the recorder is often dominated by music of the baroque era, while the music of Renaissance is primarily preformed by consorts. I hope that this collection will expand the solo repertoire by bringing to recorder players some of the most beautiful melodies of this period. I have performed all of these pieces in public and have taken care only to include music that is of performance quality.

Some of the pieces are grouped in suites, but you should feel free to play them in the order of your choice. For those of you equally at home on descant soprano and treble alto , fell free to intersperse pieces from the companion book for descant recorder. Four Elizabethan Masque Dances: Cornish Maypole Dance - J. The Juggler - Schubert: Intermezzo from Rosamunde - J. The Blue danube - Golden Slumbers - Beethoven: Song of Joy from 9th Symphony - J. Totems and Tom-Toms - Tchaikovsky: Theme from the Pathetique Simphony - H. The Circus Parade - Bach: Minuet in G - J.

The Lonely Robin - Haydn: The Argument - J. A Sad Mood - H. The Shady Brook - J. Evening Prayer - Supplementary pieces for self study: Anthony Chorale Haydn - Study No.

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The edition is part of the Trinity syllabus grade 7. Essential for the Stravinsky collector and enthusiast. The course, which id divided into 24 units, places the maximum emphasis on the early development of musicianship. The edition is part of the Trinity syllabus grades 1,2,3,4. N'essayez pas de jouer les morceaux trop rapidement. It is available in two versions: A set of optional instrumental parts suitable for school ensembles is also available. In dulci jubilo trad. Silent Night - K. Lullay - Go, tell it on the mountain trad. Sleep, Child of Winter - Son of Maria trad.

Collection innovatrice de morceaux de musique d'ambiance: The writer was Christopher Smart, an eighteenth century poet, deeply religious, but of a strange and unbalanced mind. Rejoice in the Lamb was written while Smart was in an asylum, and is chaotic in form but contains many flashes of genius. It is a few of the finest passages that Benjamin Britten has chosen to set to music.

The main theme of the poem, and that of the Cantata is the worship of God, by all created beings and things, each in its own way. The Cantata is made up of ten short sections. The first sets the theme. The second gives a few examples of one person after another being summoned from the pages of the Old Testament to join with some creature in praising and rejoicing in God. The third is a quiet and estatic Hallelujah. In the fourth section Smart takes his beloved cat as an example of nature praising God by being simply what the Creator intended it to be. The same thought is carried on in the fifth section with the illustration of the mouse.

The sixth section speaks of the flowers - the poetry of Christ. In the seventh section Smart refers to his troubles and suffering, but even these are an occasion for praising God, for it is through Christ that he will find his deliverance. The eighth section gives four letters from an alphabet, leading to a full chorus in section nine which speaks of musical instruments and music's praise of God. The final section repeats of Hallelujah. Alto Saxophone and PianoNombre de Pages: Ten magnificent tangos and other characteristic pieces by the Argentinian master of tango nuevo, skilfully arranged for accordion by the world-class performer James Crabb.

Clarinet studies in the past have been predominantly concerned with technical problems only. This collection, however, marks a new departure by selecting from the works of the great masters, passages which lend themselves to the treatment of particular technical problems, but they also introduce musical values which are entirely lacking in literature devoted to the study of the instrument. These studies are based on music not originally written for the instrument, and have been freely adapted without impairing their proper musical significance. Besides treating particular problems, these studies include many styles from Bach to the present day, with which every ambitious musician should be thoroughly acquainted.

Minuet from Partita No. Organ Prelude - G.

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Gavotte and Variations from Suite No. Sonata in G - J. Allegro from a Cello Sonata - T. Jig from a Harpsichord Suite - J. La Lutine - J. Finale from the String Quartet, op. Finale from the String Trio, op. Minuet from the String Quartet, No. Study on a Passage from the 4th Symphony - B. Dance in Bulgarian RhythmNombre de pages: The edition is part of the Trinity syllabus 27 grades 7 and 8 Contenu: The Concerto Classics series gives intermediate students the opportunity to explore some of the most important and influential concertos in their instrument's repertoire. This edition for violin includes concertos by Mozart, Mendelssohn and Bruch.

Each piece has been carefully arranged as a valuable stepping-stone towards the original great works. Also included are supplementary exercises designed to support students with the various technical aspects required in the solo parts. The Concerto Classics series gives intermediate students the opportunity to explore some of the most important and influnetial concertos in their instrument's repertoire.

  • Filosofia della navigazione (Tascabili. Saggi Vol. 344) (Italian Edition).
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  • Crystal of My Heart?

This edition for flute includes concertos by Vivaldi, Mozart and Quantz. This edition for clarinet includes concertos by Mozart, Weber and Finzi. Concertos by Mozart, Weber and FinziDate de parution: Piazzolla, Astor 15 magnificent tangos and other characteristic pieces by the Argentinian master of tango nuevo, skilfully arranged for intermediate accordion solo by Karen Street. Quartets in easy keys for beginners. An addition to the viola repertoire which will be welcomed by intermediate to advanced standard players alike.

Robert Schumann Cradle song Op.124 No.6 guitar played by lute323 on Dec 27 2008

Prelude - Romance - Carol - Forlana - Fughetta. Trumpet and PianoNombre de Pages: Intended for intermediate players, these are idiomatic versions of this beautiful and compelling music, based on Piazzolla's own recordings with his quintet and other ensembles. Arranger Anders Miolin is known all over the world as a guitar virtuoso, especially on his own preferred instrument, the string guitar. He has recorded for Sony and BIS, for whom two of his recordings have received high-level awards. Alto Saxophone and PianoDescription: The music in this book is appealing, sometimes truly great music which just happens to be simple.

None of the pieces is merely 'educational' - almost al of them had successful lives of their own before they found their way here - and they have all been chosen for their individual, purely musical strengths. However, the book is more than just a collection of performable pieces; the pieces in it are roughly graded and very varied in their demands, so that any player who works through them will have the chance to consolidate and polish their technique.

They are also more than usually varied in style. They will give some unexpected pleasure and signpost some interesting and enjoyable pathways that might otherwise have remained unexplored. From Bach to Bernstein, a great variety of musical styles is included - folk melodies from England and Peru, baroque and classical 'lollipops', jazz and modern classics. The edition is part of the Trinity syllabus grade 3. A unique collection of exciting and varied music for the early grades! The pieces have been skilfully arranged by Gary Ryan so that this wonderfully vibrant music can be easily enjoyed by younger guitar players.

He has performed internationally to exceptional critical acclaim and is also widely recognised for his innovative guitar compositions and educational work with players at all levels. Featuring repertoire from For Children, Mikrokosmos, Ten Easy Pieces, Romanian Christmas Carols, Fourteen Bagatelles and others, each volume has been compiled to be steadily progressive to aid learning. An accompanying audio CD features demonstration performances by Iain Farrington.

He became famous both as a music teacher and as an ethnomusicologist. Being a trained pianist, his relation to the piano certainly was very special and is reflected in numerous piano works. For Children, Volume 1, Sz. Ideal for intermediate to advanced-level keyboard players, these pieces are perfect for the concert platform, whilst providing excellent teaching material. An accompanying CD puts each Prelude on the map with stylish demonstration performances by Iain Farrington. Bahay Kubo Philippines 3. Bang Chhun-hong Taiwan 4. Chan Mali Chan Singapore 5.

Dan chim trang Vietnam 6. Gao shan liu shui China 7. Gelang Sipaku Gelang Malaysia 8. Hongor Mori Mongolia 9. Loy Krathong Thailand Ideal for intermediate to advanced-level keyboard players, these pieces are perfect for the concert platform, as well as providing excellent teaching material. Play the solo piece straight, or add the backing tracks and enter a whole new world of sound. Chris Norton does it again with his unique blend of traditional technique with popular styles.

Students will learn all about technique - rhythm, co-ordination and listening, but they'll be having so much fun, they won't know they're doing it! Big Beats is available in six great-tasting flavours. It looks and sounds great - another surefire success' Piano Magazine, December Contenu: Soprano Recorder and PianoNombre de Pages: The edition is part of the Trinity syllabus grade 2 Content: Want to give your pupils something simple yet rewarding to play?

Carol Barratt creates easy pieces that are creative, idiomatic, simple yet rewarding to play and that will really get pupils listening and performing musically, right from the beginning. The pieces in Bravo! Oboe take the student progressively through the early grades. They consist mainly of original material, with a few arrangements too - some well-known, some more unusual. These pieces are intended to encourage the student to perform - rather than merely play - whenever the opportunity arises.

All too often, the early stages of learning instrument can be a solitary process. Wherever possible, these pieces should be played with their keyboard accompaniments. Hearing the keyboard parts will lead to an awareness and appreciation of different musical styles and a sense of harmony, not just melody. In addition, playing with an accompaniment develops the pupil's ability to maintain his or her own part while listening to another.

And of course, it's fun! Each collection is scrupulously edited for the instrument by a leading performer. N'essaye pas de jouer ces morceaux trop vite. Clarinet et PianoNombre de Pages: Saxophone Alto et Piano Nombre de Pages: Saxophone Alto et PianoNombre de Pages: Barratt Rise and Shine! Flute et Piano Contenu: L'inimitable Christopher Norton en est l'auteur. Easy solo pieces in pop styles with state of the art CD accompaniments. It looks and sounds great - another surefire success' Piano Magazine, December 21 Contenu: Tired of the same old arrangements? Horn take the student progressively through the early grades.

Allemande Gervaise - Another Wimbledon Waltz! Transcription of the French national anthem for violin solo by Igor Stravinsky. Nelson, Sheila Mary Series: Introduces open strings and first finger notes with simple rhythms to build a firm foundation for future learning.

Bassoon Tired of the same old arrangements? Carol Barratt creates easy pieces that will really get pupils listening and performing musically, right from the beginning. Each collection is idiomatically edited for the instrument by a leading performer. It looks and sounds great - another surefire success' Piano Magazine, December Content: Ding dong The first nowell Go! Les enregistrements en play-back apportent leur aide chaleureuse.

Jouez avec tout votre coeur! Fraunechoir SSA , piano and recorder optional Type: Vocally, the spread of influence is wider than in Songs of Sanctuary, with Eastern European and Arabic sounds added to the African, Celtic and ecclesiastical blend. Once again, the text is written phonetically with the words viewed as instrumental sound.

In Cantata mundi, the sound is more symphonic, with woodwind and brass added to the strings, percussion and recorder. The seven main Cantus movements incorporate ethnic percussion, and are interspersed with shorter chorales. This suite is an arrangement for upper voices and piano with additional recorder part and includes four Cantus and four chorale movements. It looks and sounds great - another surefire success' Piano Magazine, December This tutor book takes first-time players steadily through basic keyboard technique and theory using simple pieces in popular styles such as jazz, blues, rock'n'roll and reggae.

Each piece is complemented by a distinctive Microjazz-style accompaniment to be played by a teacher or intermediate pianist transforming even the easiest tunes into unmistakable Microjazz pieces. Couple these with the newly-recorded backing tracks and you will hear the unique sound world of Microjazz come alive right from the very first lesson.

Reggae Disco Drive Blues No. Musique par Leonard Bernstein et paroles par Stephen Sondheim. The edition is part of the Trinity syllabus 27 grade 4 Contenu: Specially chosen by distinguished string teacher Sheila Nelson. Each piece features a particular aspect of baroque technique and includes sound advice from 18th century writers, making this a wonderful introduction to all aspects of baroque technique and style. Unaccompanied pieces and duets also included. The book to stimulate a life-long interest in the wonderful diversity of baroque music. Presto from Sonata for Flute op. This collection of works for oboe and piano has been selected and arranged to provide a wide variety of musical challenges for advanced student performers based on the rich musical legacy of one of America's greatest composers - Leonard Bernstein.

A landmark in group teaching pedagogy developed by the highly acclaimed teachers Paul Rolland and Sheila Johnson. The fundamentals of string playing for group and individual teaching, for the first few years of learning. Young Strings in Action is a two-volume course in the fundamentals of string playing.

Specifically designed for heterogeneous instrument classes, it has proven to be very successful in public school string programs. It is also intended for private as well as self instruction. Its two volumes, covering the first two years of instruction, constitute a complete manual of new ideas and proven techniques, enabling teachers to present in clear and concise terms the basic musical and technical skills necessary to play a violin, viola, cello, or bass.

The well-tested approach to string playing offers all students a unique opportunity to progress quickly, while at the same time strengthening and refining the basic fundamentals. The student does more than simply play a string instrument: The material presented in these volumes is set forth in a format which allows flexible adaptation to a wide variety of classroom conditions, such as varying class size and instrumentation.

In the student books for the four instruments, many of the repertoire pieces are presented in duet and trio arrangements, enabling performance by ensembles of like instruments, as well as various other combinations. Volume 1 emphasizes total body movement and left arm mobility, helping students to acquire freedom of movement, correct positioning and playing facility. The all-important position and balance of the left hand is aided by early emphasis on the central fingers and their relation to the adjacent string.

Better intonation and hand position are achieved by emphasizing interval and chord relationships.

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  7. A balanced bow arm is achieved by starting students at the middle of the bow. In Volume 2, the student develops flexible finger movements and is introduced to the positions most often used in the left hand fingering technique of each of the instruments. Refining the bow arm is also emphasized, using more complicated bowing patterns in the exercises and pieces, as well as groups of slurred notes and slurred string crossing. Copland's famous ballet suite has never been published in a solo violin and piano transcription. This new version is idiomatic for the violin, retaining all the music from the standard orchestra suite.

    La Lumagne - Sonata No. La Chauvet - Sonata No. La BougetNombre de pages: Copland's famous ballet suite has never been published in a solo piano transcription. This new version is idiomatic for the instrument, retaining all the music from the standard orchestra suite. Flute and ClarinetNombre de pages: Samba - Water lilies - The kookaburra and the kangaroo - Reggae for a lonely saxophone - Echo of a mazurka - The cow jumped over the moon - Jig - Habanera - Two Indian flutes - The unfortunate serenader.

    Arranged by Christopher Norton. Guard, Barrie Little did we know when we set out to make a television series based on the wonderful books by H. To capture the public's imagination to such an extent is rare indeed and we have reflected many times since on the possible reasons for this phenomenon. Of course, there are the evocative stories and the wonderful characters, but perhaps more than anything else it is due to the Englishness of it all. We were anxious to reflect this in the music for the series, basing it around the magic of the story and the romance of the Larkins themselves.

    This also meant allowing ourselves to be influenced by the musical styles popular in the s, and inspired by the unique beauty of our countryside.

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    As Pop would say - Perfick! Violin and Orchestra Date of Composition: Includes jigs, reels, county and morris dances, hornpipes, a strathspey and some contrasting slow airs. Tempo di ciaccona - Fuga - Melodia - PrestoNombre de pages: Tired of playing on your own?

    Bored with second-rate backing tracks? Now you can solo like a pro with some of the best musicians in the business! Musical Postcards takes you on a musical tour of the globe with pieces in world music styles from Rio to Red Square accompanied by top quality playalong CD backings. Each book includes melody lines, with chord symbols to help improvisation, illustrations and notes on the musical styles. The accompanying CD features both full performances and backing tracks performed by some of the best world and folk musicians in the business. Junior Musical Postcards is suitable for beginners and Musical Postcards is suitable for intermediate level players.

    A sheer delight to play and the recording quality is breathtaking. A superb series ….. Tango del fuego - China: The Silk Tree - Deutschland: Vier Bier Hier - Griechenland: Taverna Leaner - Jamaica: Kingston Sorry - Peru: Cape Nelson - Wien: Salzburger mit Fries - Wales: Cajun-Swamp Stomp Louis - Venezuela: Rachmaninoff, Sergei Wassiljewitsch 11 favourite Rachmaninoff pieces, taken from the symphonies, concertos, preludes and songs, skilfully simplified and arranged for clarinet and piano with accompaniment CD by Hywel Davies.

    Contenu - Lilacs, op. Junior Musical Postcards containes eleven brand-new pieces in eleven fascinating world music styles, tailor-made for younger players. The trip starts with a boisterous Cajun stomp, and finishes with an elegant Viennesse polka, taking in places as diverse as China, Jamaica and Wales along the way - all with accompaniments on the playalong CD. The Junior Musical Postcards book contains melody lines, with chord symbols to help improvisation. The pieces are brought to life by background information and illustrations, and playing hints too. The CD contains two versions of each tune - one with a solo part for listening and learning, the other without, for accompanying performances.

    Polly Wolly Doodle - Carry Me Back to Old Virginny - Camptown Races - Home on the Range - Yankee Doodle - Turkey in the Straw - Dreadful Sorry, Clementine - Alabama Rag - King Boogie - We Wish - Camel Stomp - Deck the Hall - Away in a Manger - Good Christian Men - Joy to the World - Put It All Together Eggshells - Lavender's Kind of Blue - Bo Peep - Kettle Rag - The Tragedy of Mary - Black Sheep of the Family.

    Each volume contains a wealth of material to help the choral director assemble a concert programme - all from one volume. The anthology draws on the vast Boosey and Hawkes archive and also includes many specially-composed or newly-arranged pieces. The earthly choir - Norton: Angels and sheperds - Norton: A blue Christmas - Jenkins: Away in a manger - Short: Quem pastores - Short: We wish you a merry Christmas - Swingle: Silent night - Edwards: No small wonder - Todd: Every stone shall cry - Todd: The Christ-child - Clucas: Love came down at Christmas - Canning: Lullay my liking - Canning: Personent hodie - Meakins: De Virgin Mary had a baby boy - Orledge: The 12 inebriate days of Christmas - Richards: Calmo has been collated and edited by Jeremy Backhouse, conductor of the Vasari Singers, and brings together for the first time some of the most exquisite and beautiful music of our time.

    The pieces drawn together for this collection have something of the spiritual or mystical about them. Here is music with atmosphere, music that will calm. It is music that caters for all tastes and abilities, offering plenty of balance and variety. Pieces range form very short and simple to more substantial and challenging. Some texts are overtly religoius, other more genreally spiritual in tone.

    There is equal representation for accompanied pieces - using piano, organ or even handbells - and a capella items. Totus tuus - Turnage: Calmo - Maxwell Davies: Lullabye for Lucy - Maxwell Davies: Suscipe Quaesumus - Jenkins: Benedictus from The Armed Man - Jenkins: Pie Jesu from Requiem - Rautavaara: Evening Hymn from Vigilia - Dubra: Pater Noster - Ridout: Drop, drop slow tears - Whitacre: Lux aurumque - MacMillan: Angel Song II - Swingle: Give us this day.

    Nobody knows - Swing low - Were you there? King Boogie - Camel stompNursery rhymes: Hush little baby - Twinkle Nombre de Pages: Each piece is carefully selected to develop a specific aspect of technique, with helpful hints and tips to improve your performance. Musik des Mittelalters, der Renaissance und er Barockzeit, aber auch der Gegenwart: There's even an index to help you find the right study for every technical problem, or just to help start you off. Studies have never been so amazing!

    Designed to give beginners their first taste of group playing. Suitable for players who have been learning a year or two, the parts are mainly in first position. But of course there were other luminaries: This collection includes music by some of these; and apart from waltzes we have polkas slow and fast , a couple of melodies from operettas and a march. The selection ranges from shorter, eminently playable miniatures to a handful of more extended and challenging arrangements. The waltz kings were first and foremost fiddlers. They led their orchestras from the front, instrument and bow in hand.

    As a young man Johann Strauss II used to practise his violin in a full-length mirror so he would look every inch the part. They knew how to write for the violin, how to make it sing and dance, and this helps to make the repertoire a perfect foil to the other volumes in this series.

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    The arrangements in this collection can be performed as solos, duets, or trios, or by larger ensembles. The Beautiful Blue Danube - F. Two Waltzes from Gold and Silver - Joh. Philomel Waltz - Joh. Russian March - Joh. Andantino from The Gypsy Baron - Jos. The Schonbrunn Palace - Joh. The Emperor Waltz - Joh. Roses from the South - E. Light Cavalry - Joh. Tales of the Vienna Woods. Mother Comfort - Underneath the Abject Willow. In Bela Bartok described 'Mikrokosmos' as a cycle of pieces for piano written for 'didactic' purposes, seeing them as a series of pieces in many different styles, representing a small world, or as the 'world of the little ones, the children'.

    Stylistically Mikrokosmos reflects the influence of folk music on Bartok's life and the rhythms and harmonies employed create music that is as modern today as when the cycle was written. The pieces making up 'Mikrokosmos' are divided into six volumes arranged according to technical and musical difficulty. Close Conference - Nelson: Come and See - Mozart: Contredanse from Divertimento K.

    End of the Day - trad.: Geathering Peascods - Nelson: Hunting in Pairs - trad.: Jeanie's Blue E'en - Nelson: Sailing South - Huws Jones: It was first performed there in July , in the original version for chamber orchestra. The present arrangement for two pianos was prepared by the composer in Nearly 50 musicians were involved, many of them world-famous recording artists. In addition, a piece string section has been added to some of the tracks. The edition is part of the Trinity syllabus grade 4,5 Content: The first performance of the complete work was given on 13th March, , as part of a BBC broadcast, by Antonio Brosa and Benjamin Britten, who gave the first concert performance of the Suite at the I.

    Festival on 21st April of that year. As originally published the work comprised four movements - March, Moto Perpetuo, Lullaby and Walt - prefaced by a short introduction. At the composer's suggestion, the present edition excludes the Introduction and Moto Perpetuo, but retains the March, Lullaby and Waltz unaltered. In the Waltz, however, a short cut, which was previously optional, has been made obligatory. Lullaby - March - Waltz.

    Allegro calmo, senza rigore - Vivace - Chacony: The edition is part of the Trinity syllabus grades 1,2,4,5 Contenu: Romance - Danse HongroiseNombre de pages: Le CD comporte deux versions de chaque titre: Clarinet and piano ad libitum Version: The edition is part of the Trinity syllabus 27 grade 5 Contenu: The Boosey Woodwind and Brass Method answers the new and changing demands in teaching: It provides everything you need for teaching music through the instrument. Its unique approach develops general musical skills through a programme of quality solo and ensemble music, with additional activities and an audio CD including listening activities.

    Because the method is based on a clear curriculum, it provides an easy-to-use system for teaching and all the flexible resources you need for every situation, whether individual, group or mixed instrument teaching. This series provides a complete instrumental curriculum whilst developing technique and musicianship. A new addition to this comprehensive series of wind tutors.

    Includes performance and backing CDs. The edition is part of the Trinity syllabus 27 grade 1,2,3 Contenu: The edition is part of the Trinity syllabus 27 grades 2,3,4 Nombre de pages: A new collection of original piano pieces in a popular style by the composer who brought you the Microjazz series.

    Cyprien Katsaris - Prokofiev : 10 Piano Pieces Op : VII Prelude | Play for free on Anghami

    In addition to performance and backing tracks playable on both your CD player and computer, the enhanced CD included also has tempo adjustment software for CD-ROM computer use. A Cradle Song W. Blake - The Highland Balou R. Burns - Sephestia's Lullaby R. Greene - A Charm T. Randolph - The Nurse's Song J. Philip Nombre de pages: Louis Andriessen Toccata Dedication: To Iven Janssen Premiere: Christopher Norton has provided sympathetic and pianistic arrangements which we are sure will be usefull for many years to come. It is our pleasure, therefore, to bring you these piano duet arrangements of some of this century's beloved themes.

    As well as providing an opportunity to get to know these outstanding composers and their music in a more direct way, this exciting collection contains some effective short concert items. Roger Brison has provided sympathetic and pianistic duet arrangements which we are sure will be useful for many years to come. Adagio from Spartacus - Bernstein: America from West Side Story - Copland: Fanfare for the Common Man - Delius: Irmelin Prelude - Elgar: Not a self-teaching manual, and not filled with off-putting diagrams, this series is a wholly practical guide to singing - learning about technique and interpretation through the repertoire itself.

    Each volume is devoted to singing in one particular language or to singing in a specific context, such as musical theatre or oratorio. In each volume of the series, works from the vocal canon have been selected specifically by Mary King for their technical and musical challenges. Each piece is discussed at length, starting with the words 'Text' - including a literal translation as appropriate , moving to general advice about how the song might be approached 'Notes' , and then addressing the technical difficulties the music presents 'Skills'.

    Expressed in clear language, Mary King's approach is direct, practical and not limited to one particular teaching method. Any student will find that these books enrich and complement their vocal studies. Even for native speakers, the English language presents singers with particular difficulties. How do you manage diphthongs, for example? How do you make consonants clear without spoiling the vocal line? How do you make sense of the story-telling in a strophic folksong? These issues and more are covered in this book, which contains songs with texts in the English language, from Britain and elsewhere.

    Sweeter than rose - Handel: O sleep, why dost thou leave me? Where'er you walk - Haydn: The mermaid's song - Haydn: The spirit's song - Haydn: My mother bids me bind my hair - Warlock: The countryman - Warlock: The baylyn berith the bell away - Warlock: There is a lady sweet and kind - Finzi: Rollicum rorum - Finzi: Fear no more the heat o' the sun - Traditional arr. Oliver Cromwell - Traditional arr.

    The salley gardens - Traditional arr. The trees they grow so high - Copland: Why do they shut me out of heaven? Heart we will forget him - Rorem: The serpent - Pronunciation guide. Oboe, Violin, Viola and VioloncelloVersion: Christmas Music from Europe and AmericaInstrument: This collection spans seven centuries, from the boisterous medieval Song of the Ass to contemporary tunes like Sleigh ride, taking in such traditional carols as Away in a manger and O little town of Bethlehem along the way. Of course Christmas time is not only a religious festival.

    Much of the music here - the Welsh carol Deck the hall, the fireside movement from The Four Seaons, the modern classic Chestnuts roasting on an open fire - is as much a celebration of the ancient secular festival of the Winter Solstice. The arrangements in this collection can be performed as solos or duets, or by larger ensembles. The keyboard accompaniments are there for a multitude of purposes, from concert performances to playing at home; and the violin accompaniments will be invaluable for those Christmas busking sessions. We don't necessarily think of the violin as an early music instrument but in fact it evolved soon after , during the early years of the musical renaissance, in a form more or less as we know it today.

    Most of the music in this anthology has some connection with stringed instruments, either the violin itself or one of its forerunners such as the rebec, medieval fiddle or viol. Violin accompaniments for the more advanced player are given. The piano accompaniments can be played on a variety of keyboard instruments. All the earlier, medieval pieces have come down to us as a single melodic line, so the accompaniments have been freely arranged, usually based on ostinati. With the later tunes, we know that renaissance musicians loved to improvise variations or 'divisions' on well known tunes.

    Some are suggested here, but performers are always encouraged to create their own!

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    Medieval songs and dances: English dance - 13th century French: Estampie royale - 15th century French: Winder wie ist - 14th century Italian: Saltarello Music at court: Par le regard de vos beaux yeux - attrib. Pastime with good company - attrib. Recercada Renaissance popular music: La gamba - 16th century Italian: Calata - 16th century English: Pour quoy - T. La morisque - C. La Venissienne - M. Danse Orientale - Prelude Date of Composition: Specially written for school recorder goups each volume contains over 40 pieces solos, duets, trios, quartets, quintets and even sextets , for soprano descant , alto treble , tenor and bass instruments.

    The King's Dance - Anon.: The Nightingale - J. Prince Robert's March - Anon.: The Duke - La Volta - J. Loeillet - Gavotte - Adagio - Anon.: The Jasmin - R. Rain Dance - Trios: La Bergamasce - Gabriel: De la dulce mi enemiga - M. Ballet de Fous - J. Rustic Dance - Anon.: In Seculum Viellatoris - J. The Duke - W. A Paris, Fese Nouvele - J. Dua Chant for three recorders - Quartets: The King's Dance - Susato: Schiarazula Marazula - M. Spanish Pavan - A. Bonny Sweet Robin - Gervaise: Bransle de Bourgogne - Susato: Battle Pavan - G. At night the garden was full of voices: Martin saitd to his man - Quintets: Noel's Galliard - J.

    La Volta - Gervaise: English Pavan - A. The 13th-century Latin sequence, set by many famous composers of the past, receives a fresh expression and intensity in Karl Jenkins's setting. The work is divided into twelve movements and incorporates additional texts including Ave verum corpus originally composed for Bryn Terfel , Lament by Carol Barratt, and English texts derived from ancient Babylonian and mediaeval Persian sources.

    By turns dramatic and reflective, Stabat Mater will be eagerly seized on by Jenkins fans everywhere. Suitable for choirs of intermediate standard upwards. This 9-minute arrangement is the final movement of the larger work Prelude, Fugue and Riffs This edition presents the original solo clarinet part with a piano reduction of the ensemble part, as well as optional parts for string bass and percussion.

    Set within the framework of the Christian mass, The Armed Man is a major choral work which uses both sacred and secular texts. Latin - French - EnglishFormat: He continues to conduct his epic Adiemus Live Concerts with distinguished orchestras including the London Philharmonic, featuring in Festivals and concerts in Britain and abroad; and his moving choral work The Armed Man: A Mass For Peace is now firmly lodged as a concert favourite.

    This new work builds on the style which the British public have come to know and adore. Such poems are usually to do with nature, have a single idea, and consist of seventeen syllables divided over three lines. Both are intoned by male voices in a monastic style as a counterpoint to the Japanese text sung by females. The instrumentation of these haiku settings includes the ancient Japanese wind instrument, the shakuhachi. Elsewhere, as usual, Jenkins has used some ethnic drums e. Arabic darabuca, Japanese daiko, frame drums and even a hip-hop rhythm in the Dies Irae!

    Hummel Johann Nepomuk Instrumentation: Set of six piano works, the first of which was commissioned by the Royal Festival Hall in London as a birthday present for Pierre Boulez in 2. The composer then continued the series so that the whole set was completed before the year was out.

    Magnus Lindberg comments, 'Jubilees was a challenging assignment because it meant I was, as it were, able to uncork the problem of short form. Jubilees marks the beginning of a new strand in my output. It is the first of my works to be made up of short movements, and the six movements together form a harmonious entity. There are very diverse pianistic solutions in the suite. It bears a distant relation to Debussy's and Chopin's studies since they too operate on clearly defined textures. All arrangements include the melody line in the accompaniment so that the songs work equally well as piano solos.

    Ideal for playing at home, in the classroom, or even as concert items! Ideal for playing at home, in the clasroom, or even as concert items! Ideal for playing at home, in the classroom, or even as concert item! An international collection, including Stille Nacht, Fum! Let the Florid Music Praise! Prelude and Gugue - D. Study on two Themes form the Piano Sonata, op. Study on a Theme from the Clarinet Quintet - M.

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